Anything can be Accomplished

A wise person once said that a company without a mission besides money has no purpose.  We couldn’t agree more.

Our mission at Norway Steel Group is to be an ambassador with a clear voice for the steel and aluminum prefabrication industry. We want to support all those who want to play by the rules and follow the required codes and standards. 

The prefabrication of steel and aluminum structures is often looked upon with skepticism, and for good reason.  Too many players are deliberately bypassing the governing rules for the sake of profit. Some are doing so unintentionally due to a lack of knowledge, but regardless, both are undermining the demand for properly documented quality.  By doing so they are contributing to the skepticism within the industry and putting people and the environment at risk.

Justifying a higher production cost by getting it right should have been an easy task, but it’s not.  Competition and cost are only becoming stronger drivers if we allow so, hence a great thanks to all our clients, partners, and subcontractors who’ve chosen to stand up and support the code of ethics by not challenging national regulations, safety, and the environment for the sake of financial gain.